Forensic Psychiatry


“The long, forensic interview really matters.” 

-Jonathan Dimbleby 



Dr. Leathers specializes in forensic psychiatry, which is the association between law and psychiatry. His services in this field involve applying his knowledge of psychiatry and acting as consultant or expert witness, to render an objective opinion. He provides consultative services to criminal defense/prosecution, civil litigation, court-appointed evaluations, private organizations, and psychiatric disability cases. 

  • Sentencing Evaluations 

  • Expert Witness Testimony 

  • Evaluations for Professional Board Disciplinary Actions (Dental, RN, MD, OT, PT, PA, PhD, Vet) 

  • Medical Records Review 

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Reports 

  • Psychiatric Disability 

  • Criminal Forensic Evaluations 

  • PTSD Evaluations 

  • Battered Women Evaluations 

  • Employment Related Evaluations 

  • Bipolar Disorder Evaluations 

  • Emotional Injury Evaluations 

  • Depression Evaluations 

  • Anxiety Evaluations 

  • Independent Medical Evaluations 

  • Worker’s Compensation Claims 

  • Psychological Injuries and Impairments 

  • Security Clearances 

  • Testamentary Capacity 

  • Fitness for Duty 

  • Guardianship Evaluations 

  • Mental State at the Time of the Offence Evaluations