Insurance: Dr. Leathers does not accept insurance as payment. He will provide a superbill for reimbursement from your insurance plan.  Services may be covered as an "out of network" provider by your health insurance plan. 

Payment: All major credit cards are accepted.  Cash and checks are not accepted.  


Cancellation Policy: Cancelation must occur 12 hours prior to the appointment.  There are no refunds for cancellations occurring less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled appointment day and time. 


Late Arrival:   Dr. Leathers must cancel appointments for late arrivals because he needs the full time to complete the assessment.  An appointment will be considered late If a client arrives 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.  There are no refunds for Late arrivals.   

Fees:  $395 for an initial evaluation and $170 for a 20 minute medication management follow up appointment.  The frequency of follow up appointments are individualized, but most appointments are scheduled every 3-5 months if the client is stable with medication.  Dr. Leathers is available for monthly appointments if desired.  If you prefer to have an hour long follow up appointment the fee is $395.  

Other Fees: 

Please text or call 714-930-3096 to inquire about fees related to home visits, forensic evaluations, etc.